TR93G-8241 BRN
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TR93G-8241 BRN

Patent Protected! US Patent Pending-Patent 1,558,2043 Application Number 1,3867998. Title of Invention: Concealed handgun holster 35 U.S.C & 292 Trinity Ranch line by Montana West, this partial genuine leather tote has: Vintage floral tooled on the genuine leather Saddle stitch detail Accented with detachable feather charm Top zipper closure Inside a zippered compartment has a zippered pocket Inside of bag include a zippered pocket and 2 open pockets A zippered pocket on the back to conceal the handgun (9"x 5.5") An open pocket on the back Metal feet on the bottom for protection and stability Double handle 15" (W)x 4.75"(D)x 13" (H) (Drop 10")